Philosophy & Methodology:

A key tenet of our teaching philosophy is to get students to enjoy making music, building a comfortable environment where students can enjoy themselves while learning. Part of the goal of music instruction should be motivation and getting students to enjoy practicing. Through exploration of music theory and instrumental training, entertaining repertoire and collaboration with the instructor, students capture a sense of enrichment and place more value on music study.

We believe that everyone has a powerful need for creativity and a natural understanding of rhythm and music.

If nurtured, this can develop into refined skill and craftsmanship.

Students are well-educated in European and American Pedagogical Studies and receive comprehensive instruction in:

· Notation, music theory and ear training

· Sight-reading and sight-playing

· Working on Tone production, Technical and performance skills, the purchasing and renting of the right instruments, equipment, accessories, and sheetmusic and books.

. Music appreciation of all styles, with historical context

. Proper performance practices for each historical period and style

. Basic keyboard skills for all students, and reading music in the most important clefs

. How to improvise using your musical knowledge, and play simple tunes by ear

. how to write music correctly and compose short simple pieces

WE GENERATE WELL ROUNDED MUSICIANS WITH COMPREHENSIVE SKILL SETS. We can offer something for everyone, from a complete beginner to advanced professionals -- young and old.